What is maven? and Why wannabe?

I picked the term maven from Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping point’. Gladwell and an online encyclopedia explain Maven to be Yiddish for an expert who loves sharing his accumulated knowledge.

Around the time I was reading The Tipping Point, I was also registering for a blog with WordPress. The word maven stuck in my memory. But I knew I wasn’t a maven, So I decided to add wannabe and call my blog ‘Wannabemaven’. The initial motive behind such a name was meant to be comic, more like taking a dig at myself. But I soon realized the underlying meaning that no one can be a maven since knowledge is infinite and learning is a never-ending process.

A bit about myself….
I identify as an introvert. I read, write, watch. I like it recluse. Have two left hands and feet. And occasionally, I suffer from wanderlust syndrome. I love sharing experiences, but lack the social skills to communicate them orally; which is why I am here.

While I use this space to write about my experiences first-hand; my social media pages share my blog posts and additionally some pics I click but may not write about. I also use those platforms to share historic, weird, funny, shocking and/or random interesting facts from around the world. It could be any and everything which I may have read but not necessarily experienced (told you, I was a wannabemaven!).

Check them out for my sake…… 🙂

Twitter: @wannabemaven
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wannabemaven
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wannabemaven


And while you are here, I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Thank you for stopping by!

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