An Adventurous Rickshaw ride to Ajmer Dargah

On our 3 day backpacking trip to Jaipur, we decided to quickly cover Ajmer Dargah. One, it is extremely popular; two, we could see a new city; three, I had never been to a Dargah before. I will keep my spiritual experience of stepping inside a Dargah for another day. For now, I have a clip of our adventurous and amusing rickshaw ride to Ajmer Dargah.

Most private vehicles don’t go right until the entrance of the Muslim shrine, so our car stopped a few kilometers away. Thereon, one can either walk; hire a cycle-rickshaw or an auto rickshaw. For no particular reason as such, we decided to opt for an auto-rickshaw; but in a few minutes from now, you will see how our decision ended up being a unique experience.

These auto drivers take you through narrow lanes barely suited for pedestrians and which they know at the back of their hands. Perhaps this is like an everyday routine to them but most definitely amusing for tourists. The distance is less than 5 minutes to the Dargah but the ride is an experience you must take.

Depending on the deal you strike with the auto drivers, he can wait for you while you complete your offerings at the shrine, no matter how long. We paid Rs. 150 for our ride to and fro.

Hope you enjoy viewing!!

Excuse the video quality, we were unprepared to shoot the experience



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