9 Effective Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi in “The Story Of My Experiments With Truth”

The Story of my Experiments with Truth is an autobiography written by Mahatma Gandhi and chronicles his life from childhood until 1921. The book is one of the most read ‘Gandhian books’ since being published in 1927 and has been translated to a couple of different languages. Around the year 1999, the book was part of a list of top 100 spiritual books of the 20th century.

I am not a Gandhi fan, per se. However, I do believe in some of his ideals and principles which compelled me to read this book. So, let me present to you some of the quotes from the book based on my personal liking…..

My Experiments with Truth - Mahatma Gandhi

My Experiments with Truth – Mahatma Gandhi


  1. “Yet even differences prove helpful, where there are tolerance, charity and truth.”

  2. “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the man nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”

  3. “With some, fasting is of no avail, because assuming that mechanical fasting alone will make them immune, they keep their bodies without food, but feast their minds upon all sorts of delicacies, thinking all the while what they will eat and what they will drink after the fast terminates.”

  4. “Nothing once begun should be abandoned unless it is proved to be morally wrong.”

  5. “It is my faith, based on experience, that if one’s heart is pure, calamity brings in its train men and measures to fight it.”

  6. “Service without humility is selfishness and egotism.”

  7. “If all had the same belief about all matters of religion, there would be only one religion in the world.”

  8. “But you can wake a man only if he is really asleep; no effort that you may make will produce any effect upon him if he is merely pretending sleep.”

  9. “The physical in man reacts to the psychological”.

Well, these are my preferences. If you loved any of his quotes from the book, not mentioned here, feel free to use the comment box and enlighten me 🙂

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