Prince of Wales Museum – The Best Museum Mumbai has to Offer

I took a break from my Gujarat posts and visited the Prince of Wales Museum two weeks back.

This is my second visit to the Prince of Wales museum since I was not able to do justice to the museum in my first visit in 2012. As a Bombayite, I could afford to visit the Prince of Wales museum twice. However, some of the readers of this post may/would not like to be in this position and hence I am compiling data in this post that will not only lure you to visit this museum but also (hopefully) give you sufficient information so that you make the most of your visit while here.

The Prince of Wales museum

The Prince of Wales museum


The Prince of Wales Museum was build by eminent citizens of Mumbai in the 1900’s to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales. Much later it was renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. It has been awarded as a Grade I Heritage site by the Government of India. The museum architecture is built in an Indo-Saracenic style favored during the Victorian era of British history. It houses over 50,000 articles of Art, Ancient Civilization and Natural History.

Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum

The Visit:

The Prince of Wales museum is centrally located in South Mumbai. The museum is a neighbour to the Jehangir Art Gallery and when both visits are combined it makes for an art lovers haven.

George Wittet designed this beautiful indo-sarcenic structure. He is the same gentleman who designed the Gateway of India. Most of the art and artifacts housed inside the museum are personal collections of famous Indian industrialists Sir Ratan Dadabhoy Tata and Sir Dorabji Tata.

Prince of Wales museum

Sir Ratan Tata Art Gallery

Collection of snuff boxes

Collection of Snuff Boxes

They have an audio guide facility at the Prince of Wales museum which is optional for locals and included in an international visitor pass. The audio guide is a self handled user friendly device and is extremely informative. In my second visit, I availed the audio guide facility. Comparing both my visits, I very strongly recommend every visitor to avail their audio guide facility while navigating through the museum. Without an audio guide, viewing these pieces of art will get very boring and monotonous. You might probably skim through the area or give up viewing the sculptures and artifacts as a whole in the absence of sufficient information.

Sculpture's Gallery

Sculpture Gallery

Prince of Wales museumPrince of Wales museumCoin museum

Coin museum

pots from the Harappan civilization

Pots from the Indus Valley civilization

Prince of Wales museum

inside Natural History museum

The most recommended sections inside the museum are the Sculpture Gallery, Indus Valley Civilization, the Coin museum and the Natural History museum. The Sir Ratan Tata gallery and Sir Dorabji Tata gallery look spectacular and is very international in its set up.

Prince of Wales museum

In my first visit to the Prince of Wales museum, I was a bit disappointed with their cafeteria since it was a small area where visitors ordered at the counter and helped themselves with the service. Two years since my last visit, there has been a vast improvement in the cafeteria which is much more relaxing and inviting to visitors with spacious seating arrangement.



Prince of Wales museumIn both my visits, I noticed many art students seated in little corners of the museum. They were patiently sketching sculptures which may probably be their college assignments. Their ability to replicate on canvas is so skillful that they themselves manage to gather a lot of curious crowd.

Prince of Wales museumPrince of Wales museumPrince of Wales museum is also popular for school field trips

The close proximity of the Prince of Wales museum to train stations – Churchgate and CST make it very accessible. Details of how to reach here, entry tickets, photography charges and audio guide facility are well explained on their official website. In fact, their online website is very elaborate, informative and functional (a rare feat for Indian government websites). Here are some quick details:

Entry ticket Adult (Indian) – Rs 60
Entry ticket (Foreign national) – Rs 300
Audio guide (Indians) – need to hire separately, apprx. Rs. 100
Audio guide (Foreign national) – inclusive in ticket
Students with college ID – Rs 25
Children between 5 to 12 yrs – Rs 10

Prince of Wales museumTotal monetary expense for the Prince of Wales museum experience was Rs 60 for my ticket, Rs. 100 for audio guide and Rs. 20 for cell phone photography (because of which you see these pictures in my post). Total QUALITY time spent inside the museum was 3 hours.

In a nutshell, visiting the Prince of Wales museum is recommended.

For a long time now, the Prince of Wales museum has been on the Mumbai Darshan / Tour itinerary. This re-iterates the fact that the museum is a prized possession of Mumbai city.

(Note: Ticket prices were correct at the time of publishing this blog. For updated information about prices, please check their website or contact their office)

Here are some more images from the Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museumPrince of Wales museum

Sculpture Gallery

Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum

Indus Valley Civilization

Prince of Wales museum

Inside Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum

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