Thank You McDonalds – Note from a student who grew up on these McBudget Cool meals

Quick bites, meals, birthday treats or hang out, McDonalds was the place! As a fast food junkie, I ate at other rival chains as well; but it all faded in comparison, for reasons of my own (which you will read below). So, with all due credit, I must make a short Thank You note for McDonalds…….

McDonalds - I'm lovin' it

Thank you McDonalds, for introducing Happy Meals, McSwirl and McFloat; Those were the best items I ate while growing up.

Thank you McDonalds, for introducing value for money foods like Veg. Pizza McPuff, McAloo Tikki and Chicken McGrill; My college days were centered around these.

Thank you McDonalds, for charging no value added tax. I always knew what I was paying for and never felt cheated when I was handed my bill.

Thank you McDonalds, for your staggering presence everywhere. When I didn’t know what to eat in locations I was unfamiliar with, I knew you were my bet.

Thank You McDonalds, for urbane advertisements and perpetual media presence. Whatever your reasons; but your popularity made it COOL to hang out here.

And Yet,

Thank you McDonalds, for being reasonably priced. You have made me afford you from the beginning of time when I was on pocket allowance.

Thank You! McDonalds.

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