Nehru Planetarium – A Favourite with Schools

Nehru Centre at Worli (Mumbai) is a centre dedicated to Science, Space and Astronomy. Named after India’s first Prime Minister – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the place was set up way back in 1977. Since then, it is a prominent site for knowledge seekers of astronomy and the universe as a whole. The complex also houses an Exhibition hall, Art gallery, Discovery of India, Culture wing and an auditorium apart from the very popular Nehru Planetarium. The centre has been instrumental in conducting many Science quizzes, Contests, Elocutions and Astro quizzes. It is also host to many discussions and lectures among scholars and astronomical professors.

School Kids touring the Planetarium

School Kids touring the Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium is a favourite spectacle with schools. When you visit this place at any given day, you are bound to find school children here. There are 4 daily shows at the planetarium in different languages, namely, Hindi, Marathi and English. The English narrative is at 3pm. The entry tickets are reasonably priced at Rs. 55 for adults and Rs. 30 for children (4 to 12 years). The place is generally packed during holidays and summer vacations, so make sure you book at least a day in advance.

You are only allowed to enter the planetarium 15 mins prior to the show. This could be a drawback if you turn up early because there is nothing much you can do to kill time except for a small library cum book shop outside. The shop has a decent range of books, charts and puzzles for kids relating to its science theme.

World Clocks at the entrance

World Clocks at the entrance

A Guide giving school kids a presentation

A Guide giving school kids a presentation

Once you enter the planetarium, you are most likely to be impressed with its set up. Just near the entrance, there are 5 clocks showcasing time in 5 different countries. A guide will then grab the attention of the visitors and enlighten them with some trivia about the planetarium. If you find the guide audible, you can listen to him else rush to the spots where you can check your weight on different planets. This place generally is the most crowded and you may have to wait a while for your turn everytime you want to check your weight on a different planet.

Once the show starts, the sight is almost like you are gazing in the sky and not at the planetarium dome. However, after a point, the narrative gets monotonous and does not seem very knowledge friendly for a lay-man. The scientific terms used in the narrative are difficult to comprehend even for adults, let alone school kids. Chances are, the children don’t bother much about understanding the narrative and are mostly thrilled by the experience of viewing the planetarium sky dome itself.

Another drawback you may experience if your show time collides with that of a school group are kids screaming, crying, disturbing or even shouting inside the auditorium. Be prepared, as little is done to avoid these noises.

Photography is allowed inside the centre but not in the dome theatre, for obvious reasons of flash and noise disturbances in the dark. The centre also has a small canteen just behind the planetarium. Snacking options are very basic with the most preferred beverage being a tea or coffee.

Nehru Centre few meters away from the planetarium

Nehru Centre few meters away from the planetarium

The planetarium is extremely popular among kids. As an adult, it’s a good 1 time trip and can be visited during noons to beat the city heat. Make sure you enhance your trip experience by visiting the Art gallery, exhibition centre and the Discovery of India sections which are a few minutes away from the planetarium.

(Note: Ticket prices were correct at the time of writing this blog. It is advised to check their official website for updated information about prices and for any upcoming shows and events)


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